The 40-Day Journeys

So what can you change in your life within 40-Days?   The answer is anything you wish to dream of, and fully believe in.

Personally inspired by Noah’s 40 days and nights of rain, and the same time period for Jesus to reflect on his views and purpose…this time period seems to have a “magical” quality for transformation.  In fact, you may notice a 40 day practice illustrated in many different religions and spiritual practices…even for yoga and meditation transformations!!!  Why??…well, it takes the mind 40 days to establish lasting change, replacing thought patterns and habits into a new way of Being.

In my first 1008-Day journey, I broke the time up into a series of 40-Day practices and I can assure you, by the end of the “trek” I was a transformed person…through and through, on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

I admit my first couple of 40 Day treks were paths that I mostly stumbled down, but once I took confidence within my practice, each specific 40-Day session unfolded and expanded me with perfect beautiful grace, in a pace that was all my own.

Now, aware of the intensity and knowledge that lies within, I have prepared personalized 40-Day journeys for clients.  Journeys, which are specific to their needs, and current desires for change.

It is this self-knowledge I wish to help guide you toward.   Through the posts on this Blog, and if need be…I will write you a personalized plan for your first 40-Days.  A road map per se, to get you acquainted with the awesome, Amazing YOU that lives in a perfect state of Wellness within you.  Perhaps you need help only identifying your inner compass!  And once you find it…your inner quests will take on a deeper, more profound level of self-awareness!!

For more information to acquire a personal 40-Day plan, please feel free to contact me here:

In Light and Love ~ Melinda


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