Always Fulfilling


“Being a physical incarnate is a huge undertaking. The best laid plans can and will go awry. However, even though you may feel like a small insignificant pebble in a vast universe, you are indeed so much more.

Many have asked us what they should be doing, what the definition of their purpose is, and why am I here? In the eye of the hurricane of life, it is often difficult to see an outside view.

If you are plagued with these questions, it is important to be able to take on the responsibility and know that you are capable. The smallest action can create an abundance of goodness. Perhaps stop analyzing and just be.

Bring love and awareness into your life whenever you can. Allow love into the lives of each and every person you know. Stop being afraid of the unknown and participate fully in what is known.

You are a beacon of light. Be aware of that and respond to it by being fully you. No apologies. No worries. No holding back.

You have the ability to set an example even though it may not be totally understood by others. It can blossom in their thoughts as inspiration. That small spark will affect them in further moments.

Planting seeds of knowledge takes time. Be patient. By continuing your path there is hope that all will be a part of the light in future moments.

Continuing planting.

Flowers will grow.

Beauty and love blossoming is always fulfilling.

Be patient and aware.”


♥ VERONICA via April Crawford


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