Simple Meditation Methods

There are many methods of meditation, but here is a simple format to get you started.

1,  Select a time of day and a place in your home where you would like to cultivate a practice.  Try to choose a spot that you will be comfortable and undisturbed.  You will want to use this spot on a regular basis, since the energy of your meditation time in this place will expand into a harmoniousness location.

2.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing.  I generally prefer to meditate before or after a shower, so I wear a robe!

3.  Sit in an upright position, either in a chair, or on a cushion.  If you feel you will become uncomfortable, place the cushion next to a wall, and use the wall as a back support.

4.  On a nearby table or desk, place a single candle.  A white one is preferred by most.

5.  For five minutes, relax your seated position, and stare into the flame of the candle.  Just watch the flame, how it changes shape, direction, length…when you notice your thoughts wandering, just refocus on the flame.

6.  After 5 minutes, close your eyes.  If you have been looking at the candle flame intently for 5 minutes, you will now see an after-image of the flame in your Third Eye, or what is called your Mind’s Eye.  This image should be very noticeable in the interior region of your forehead.

7. Now, simply concentrate on this after-image.  For most, it will begin to fade to 2-3 minutes.   But the goal is to use the after-image as your focal point of concentration.  This practice will provide you with the threshold entry to your Mind’s Eye, which is a “real” location of awareness.  Having had experienced the “entry” to this place, you NOW have the “map”  of where this location is.

Breathing softly, will move the after-image up and down…if you simply concentrate on this image, you will notice that most of your normal, “Monkey-Mind” thoughts will have vanished, and you will have experienced several moments of peace. This simple exercise, has given you the ability to become aware of the Internal Consciousness of your Mind.  This is the doorway to Stillness.




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