Effortless Being

The science of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian tradition of healing, defines perfect health as “bodilessness.”  This is a personal state of well-being that allows one to float through the day effortlessly while experiencing joy and passion in all activities and tasks.  Yoga and/or meditation practice helps to align one with this condition of effortlessness.

With this in mind, attempt to float through your day with ease and joy.  The least effort will allow desires to flow, while trying too hard to push, only creates obstacles.  When your body and mind are well aligned, you are more likely to step out of your own way, so your own inner guidance will direct you toward desired outcomes with the least amount of effort.

Least effort is successful when all actions are motivated by Love. When we seek to control people or outcomes, our energy is wasted. Actions motivated through love, bring harmony to all involved, allowing success for all.    This is defined as a win-win situation, and the manifestation principle involved in combination with the Laws of Cause and Effect will only bring harmony and fulfillment through the Law of Least Effort.  The two principles work together in perfect harmony.

The short message here is, “Don’t Worry.  Be Happy.”

Today enjoy simplicity, and let energy flow in the moment, not against the moment.  The time and energy you save will create abundance in other areas of your life.

Namaste’ ~ Melinda


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