Flight of your Soul

Butterflies in Eastern tradition, are believed to personify the soul. Next time you meditate, imagine a chrysalis within you that releases your own spirit as a free butterfly. Our bodies are bound to the earth, which gives our five senses limited ability for perception.  A free-flying spirit has no boundaries of perception, allowing this type of meditation to raise your levels of self-awareness.

This type of meditation is very helpful if you feel you are in a rut, or confused within your present conditions.  Soaring above what you know, or what you Think you know…allows  a new perspective to come in.  Flying in a meditative “stance” will often guide your higher Self to See what it has not been able to see or realize while trapped into the confined space of our logical mind.

This meditation is good if practiced daily for about 10 minutes, to let the spiritual mind wander in flight, gaining new insight while in connection with the wiser part of Self.  Play some soothing, repetitive music, perhaps some meditation music composed with a Mantra, let your mind be free, and practice breathing awareness.  Imagine your mind as a butterfly, exploring You in flight.  See your body in the  meditative position you are currently in, then “release” your mind’s view to take flight mentally…seeing yourself, your life, and conditions as the butterfly.  A new perspective, or sense of Self will begin to emerge.

Have no judgement. Just enjoy the flight as you softly gain new awareness.  Practice this daily for a few weeks and watch your mind expand to new possibilities. Your higher Self will guide you to a new place of understanding and insight.

Let your spirit and mind soar!

Namaste’ ~ Melinda


One response to “Flight of your Soul

  1. very beautiful. this world is like a cocoon. we learn and grow and change and the world changes…then when we leave this world we are transformed, as the butterfly, and we fly away 🙂

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