The Ripples of Passion

What is passion?  Many of us immediately equate this state of heightened awareness with romantic love, which is certainly an outlet for passion, but the condition for passion lies deeper within.

Passion is the inner fulfillment one experiences while engaging in an activity which transcends their very state of being.  For some, passion is expressed in their careers, family life, or toward a hobby or personal interest.  Passion excites us, motivates us, and connects us to something other than ourselves.   It connects us to others…the entire Universe in fact, because expressing outward passion generally manifests in someway that is actually “giving back.”  Thus, passion is the ripple effect of humanity.  Passion is selflessly giving this love in our soul to something that fuels us back in return.   Not that we are looking for any return…some may engage passionately in an interest for years before they achieve a goal.  But the action is effortless, because the act of the passion fills us with absolute joy.

Allow me to use a simple example to explain my point.

My yoga teacher, Guru I call her, has spent the majority of this month out of town caring for a family member.  Selflessly giving…yes.  But the couple of weeks of giving kept her away from her passion of teaching.  Even though she was able to practice a form of her passion by attending other classes and honored her practice daily…soon her real passion of teaching was in a temporary state of sleep.  Left unattended, the mind, body and spirit also begin to sleep and we feel detached not only from ourselves, but from others as well.

I attended her class this morning, and her fire was back.  She was alive again, fully engaged in her passion.  When passion is alive, it fuels others and spreads a ripple effect of wellness.  Class this morning clearly had the energy of allowing others to find this place of fire, of purpose.  However, it was at the end of the class in which her passion became Grace-filled.

Her joy was so alive within her, she was the one to honor the students with gratitude by rubbing a scented oil on our feet during Shavasana.  The simple touch of grace, spread to each person in the class in such a way, that each person afterward had a particular “shine’ of their own fullfilment.

Her touch of grace will spread into humanity today through “ripples” of spreading further.  Because her action was effortless,  it created a joy for her, and that joy now spreads.

Finding one’s passion is the source of inspiration within, which spreads into the world as continued joy. If every human was able to find their inner passion and honor it…what level of Grace do you think would take hold of humanity?  I smile just thinking about it, because I know it is possible.

Following one’s passion, removes the woulda, shoulda, coulda’s from our inner dialogue and replaces the burden of fear, worry and doubt with an on-going inner state of perfect wellness and peace.

Passion lives through us.  It is the song that sings through us.  It is the love that love through us.  It swells up inside us on purpose, and expands our spirit into selfless happiness…then it spreads, connects, inspires…and ripples onward in the most profound way.




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