Meditative Action Brings Success and Happiness

The only thing that prevents a person from taking action on an idea or bringing real change to their life is self-doubt.  Being New Year’s Day, no one wants to hear this.   We all wish for a new year to magically bring change for wellness, success, love and prosperity.  The magic of the new year however, simply brings one’s mind to realize that ANYTHING is possible, and this is when we begin to make resolutions for ourselves.

Most of us start out on the right foot.  We feel happy, positive, and inspired.  This is great!  In fact, this is wonderful…because it is these exact feelings that we must maintain to bring about the changes we desire into reality. We have heard it a million times…our thoughts create the action that conducts and creates our lives.

Thought is everything.

What happens to our resolutions is…after a few days, or a few weeks…life Happens and we slip back into old mental patterns, and our new mental outlook begins to fade.  Normally, we realize this around March, when we might feel tired, and notice that we have not as of yet manifested our goals.  Then we attack ourselves with self-defeating thoughts such as, “This is too hard, or…my dreams never come true.”    All that is needed, is finding that mental excitement and desire that you had on this day.  Today, New Year’s Day.

Your inspiration lies within, AND every day is a new day, and gifts you with a new YOU.

Additionally, the inner Knowing of your Highest Self, will inspire you to take action to bring success and happiness into your  life. Daily meditation practice will bring you to this place of “Knowing” verses Believing. The difference brings a magical existence to your daily living.

People that do act to bring about personal change are acting on a spiritual connection within.  This action is Faith, and is the exact opposite of doubt.  Faith is not something to believe in outside our ourselves…it is to KNOW within ourselves.

There are two “Selves” inside each person.  One is the real you, the other is a “temporary” self created by society and upbringing.  This vision or relationship with self is generally flawed with illusions and is burdened with doubt.  The real YOU is already perfect and is waiting inside for you to find.  The doorway to this meeting place is through meditation.  Meditation opens the door to Self Mastery, Happiness, and Success.  It is KNOWING the real you, who is capable of any possibility.

If you do not know how to meditate, may I encourage you to purchase a beginning book, start a beginning class, or contact me, and I will send you some guidelines.

Each person in this world is unique.  Each person has a special purpose.  If this were not so, they would not exist.  Yes, YOU are included.  You are special.  Consider that the purpose of your life is to bring forth the BEST you, your uniqueness…and share that with all the world.  Embrace this concept, and life gets exciting.

Many Blessings in this New Year~ Melinda


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