Time to Love Meditation

Meditation is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living. Any action done with awareness is called mindfulness.  This level of awareness increases as an unbinding of the mind develops.  This is generally a slow process developed through on-going meditation.

A process similar to planting a seed, and waiting…the seed in time develops into the gorgeous creation it was intended to be.  Everyone’s process is different, so it is impossible to compare one’s level of awareness to another.   It helps to be patient while we are on a path to promote mindfulness, because meditation is a technique, which one can learn in one minute or it might take a year or more.  However, each practice fertilizes the seed of awareness.

The main obstacle I see for most beginners, is they try to make this simple practice into something difficult. Because meditation is so easy, the novice may believe, “this can’t be it!  I must be doing something wrong.”

Let’s start today with an easy meditation, which also happens to be my favorite one.  This is the Buddha’s Loving-Kindness meditation.  I find it the perfect place to start a practice, because by honoring the Self, your consciousness will grow, and expand to open the mind and heart allowing compassion for all of life to flow.

This meditation can be done in 5 minutes.  You can practice this in the car, standing in line, before you start work, at lunch, at the end of day or all of the above.  I generally like to play a song, a relaxing one, so my busy mind can be free to concentrate on the mantra and breath as the song plays.

To do this Loving-Kindness meditation…settle your mind, and set an intention for 5 minutes of calm.   Relax, take a few deep breaths…and let thoughts subside.  Listen to the music you are playing, breath in deep, and exhale just as deep.  Try this for about a minute.  If you mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to your breath.

Then, for the remainder of the song, recite the following statements to yourself.  As doing so, “feel” the words, and put images to them.  This combination of feeling and image, gives power to the words:

“May I have peace.”

“May I be happy.”

“May I have health.”

“May I live in ease.”

You may wish to alter these to something more personal, but choose three to four mantras, and recite them to yourself over and over for the time remaining as your song plays.

There.  That’s it.  You just meditated.  And you just practiced an awesome form of Loving-Kindness.  As the week goes on, I will discuss how to expand this meditation to create space within for cultivating compassion.  The full meditation is very powerful.

Here is a song I enjoy while meditating…it is 6 minutes in length, which gives me a minute or so to settle, focus on breath, and then practice the Mantra.

With Blessings  ~ Melinda


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