In and Out of My Mind

The most common question or subject matter people ask of me, is how to begin or stay with a meditation practice.  We all live such demanding lives, that the chaos of schedules and constant distractions put “me time” on the back burner.   And if “me time” is already on the back burner, most of us have difficulty settling in for meditation, when we are looking for some sort of rejuvenation that might feel more real.

The surprise is, Meditation will be the most likely source of real rejuvenation…but the process of creating this practice seems like work at first.

For the next 40 days, I will be sharing ideas, wisdom, philosophy and great tips for making Meditation the one source of Self you can rely on during this upcoming Holiday season.

I will offer great resources for beginning this awareness journey at the very start so that as the 40 days end…just in time for the New Year…we will be ready to begin regular and on-going Meditation practice Day 1 in 2012.

I will help to eliminate the scary blocks that keep many of us from engaging in this practice, and gently guide us to a place of finding immediate comfort and peace with meditation…so our love for it will expand…and so we will be ready for transformative practices in the New Year.

This will also be a great place to post feedback about how your meditations are going…because this journey of Self WILL bring lots of funky twists and turns, just as any new endeavor does.  However, this journey to the Ultimate You, will be the best and brightest journey you have been on.

Tomorrow I will begin with Meditation Tips for beginners…but for now let’s think about Sacred Space. One of the important aids for meditation is to create a special meditation space in your house. Any area, room or corner of our house can act as an meditation space.  For beginners it is important to practice meditation in the same place in the home because that place will become charged with your meditative energy.

So for now…start thinking about creating some Sacred Space for yourself.

In Blessing~ Melinda


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