The Order of Wellness

In this trek of practicing Passionate Living, it has come to my attention, that before one can truly engage in seeking opportunities toward complete fulfillment, as the Universe was created within laws of order, we too must have order before all else flows…Well.

A ha!  Bingo!  Yes!  So how do we create order?  When our lives have become chaos, or the opposite…lacking luster, where do we begin?  How do we know where we got off track?  Most of us recognize when we are not happy…but we will have no idea how we got to that point, nor will we know how to bring “life” back to our Life.

It is springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere, so a good place to start, one which I recommend, is good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning.  This ritual sets in motion…the idea…the vibration…that you are eliminating the old, which no longer serves you, to bring in quality elements to your life that you DO expect. Home is where the heart is, and even if you are unhappy with your homelife…creating a home “sanctuary” I promise is the place to start.

Remove clothes that you do not want.  Re-arrange your furniture, get new pillows, or paint!  Another powerful tool, is re-arranging your art, photographs, or placing visuals of things you would like to have in your life to places where you will see them on a daily basis.  You are in the process of creating a powerful place of harmony, and you must be happy with everything you see for now…so improvement can grow deeper, and in all areas of your life.

The mental process during this ritual is equally as important!  As you are removing things that no longer serve you, do not spend time hating or regretting the things you let go…instead have a mindset of joy that this “old” is leaving, and new wellness, new joy is arriving. I have said it a few hundred times, and will say again, “What you focus on Expands!”

So…thoughts of disappointment, or sadness, will only bring more of the same, so when releasing, this must be done with feelings and thoughts of Joy.  The old is gone, this is a new day…one with multiple degrees of happiness available.

During this ritual of order, be mindful that the mind and body are controlled for health and happiness by allowing your creative mind only the opportunity to reconginze and embrace those higher thoughts and ideals.  If you do not yet, know what you WANT, but are sure that you are not experiencing the best life you could create for yourself…at this time, shut out negative thoughts of the “now” and of the past.  If you let it alone, the mind will gear itself toward wellness and joy if you stop the negative messages…or thoughts of lack.

Focus on the joy of the new life beginning, and all else will begin to fall into place.

More on this…as Passionate Living is a dance with ourselves…one that continues, and continues as we develop and grow.

With passionate blessings~ Melinda




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