The Reality of Knowledge

Metaphysics is a knowledge of reality…one in which we come to understand that there is no true reality, except for what our mind perceives.   To best equip the mind with Truthful knowledge, we as Spiritual Warriors must develop the ability to straddle two entirely different forms of reality…one being our spiritual selves, and the other being what we believe to be true as persons awake or asleep in an earthly existence.

It takes a real mind to understand this…some call it Enlightenment.  Some call it the Middle Way.  Metaphysics and practicing our path to Self-Realization engages the mind so that it expands, grows, and learns it’s own truth.  No other person will EVER be able to tell you what the truth is.  This life journey is for you to discover your own truth, and to dance along the way, in a manner that allows you to celebrate all of Life, and others as spiritual beings.

Every great philosopher and spiritual guru at some point, had to embrace this process of understanding truth, or their own knowledge, by finally mentally “dumping” all they have learned, or believed…and set aside time to evaluate those beliefs with a clear mind.  Funny how many of us have become burdened with thoughts of self, or have created life patterns that have been built on foundations of information that do not serve us.

Passionate Living invites you to find your truth.  Ask yourself questions…what do you believe?  Know this…”What do you want?  What motivates you and brings the most Joy?”  Honoring yourself fully is honoring the gift of Life you have been given.  You put yourself in Harmony, by honoring the Life you have with seeking only abundant Joy.

Passionately~ Melinda


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