Where is our Passion???

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning…we wake from sleep, but are we really Awake??

Will your day bring you to meet challenges which inspire you, or will you instead go into battle with a “To-Do List” a mile long, and hope to meet your personal goals for the day with excellent time management skills?  Do you nurture yourself with enjoyable activities, or are you barely staying emotionally afloat in a sea of stress?

These are topics that were discussed tonight in  a Teleclass I participated in, and finding techniques for battling stress to bring reward for ourselves during our busy lives is difficult to identify and alter in only an hour conversation.

So how do we bring in more joy and peace in our lives?  If we are lost in the hurried, scattered lives we have created…how do we stop the cycle, which will allow us to re-identify our purpose and true passion?   And in the whirlwind of activity…how do we recreate ourselves?  Many of us wish to restore balance and find vitality in our lives…but where and how do we begin when we have truly lost the compass?

The Teleclass was designed to help promote a Women’s Safari of Mind, Body and Spirit to Africa this October…and this will indeed be a trip of a lifetime, so the retreat will provide tools to answer and solve the mystery of “us” that lives inside but somehow has become lost.  The retreat will also put you in Africa, where life and connection to Spirit began.  It is this sacred energy we will enjoy and embrace to expand our self-knowledge…and find the inner path for living a fulfilled life.

I look forward to the retreat, but I also look forward to sharing some insight into these questions over the next 40-Day trek, which will begin Sunday…this one is to practice Passionate Living.

The link for trip details is here: A Women’s Safari of Mind, Body and Spirit, but I also look forward to exploring our inner passion and living up to that over the next 40-Days.  In the best conditions, I look forward to seeing you in Africa!

With Joy~Melinda


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