Grace in the “In”

So 30 days now into this practice of Grace, and I have learned a lot in a month.

Practicing Grace has opened me up to a new level of experiencing Love…and I have learned that Grace is everything, and is everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE.  Better said, it is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Grace is also inside, and it shines, it shines, it shines.  Do I sound repetitive?  Hmmm…maybe because Grace vibrates in such a way that it deserves a repeating echo.

Grace vibrates, it shines, and it will complete you. It is absolute Love, and it is bigger than I am.  It has expanded me in every direction, in every way.  It embraces me, which although sounds internal…I feel bigger.  Outward.   My heart is overflowing, and my eyes are open to see the beauty in all things.

I feel so humble.  So very humble.  So content in this quiet place of perfection. But I want to break this “silence” to shout about a new found Joy.

Grace is a profound teacher.  I invite everyone to go inside.  All the way inside.  Seems so isolating…but I promise, all you ever need to know is in “there.”

The quiet that we are all afraid of…and the “scary” things we think might be in there, are all illusions.  The only thing you will find inside once you pass all the noise, is absolute Love, and that awesome “stuff”…is YOU.

Smile and Surrender.  Darling, I am flying… : )

In Love ~ Melinda


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