The Whole Truth

Our impulse to seek self-realization is one’s inner desire for wholeness. The path calls you, not from ulterior motives, but from the core of your inner being. Growing toward this wholeness is the quest for any Spiritual Warrior. But here…what you are striving to become, is what by nature…you ALREADY are.

The quest therefore, is a journey of becoming conscious of your perfect essence and celebrating that form.

Your journey is a practice of understanding your wholeness.

Practice the art of doing without doing. Aim your self with your truest intention, and then maintain your focus without manipulative effort.  Doing, without doing???  Yes…this is meditation, and while in there, recognizing that what you are is perfect…just let your light shine.  Hard to find however in a constant stream of busyness, therefore, timely inner retreats are the mark of a skilled Spiritual Warrior.

Truth Always shines when we are still enough to find it.

In Humbleness~ Melinda


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