Listen Louder

“Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.” ~ e.e. cummings

For those who have been following these blog posts, you will notice that April had fewer posts, as now in this time period of practicing Grace, it turns out that this awesome “place” of Being exists only when one is very quiet.  To practice Grace is to listen to the heart, not the mind.  The only effort needed is the true practice of listening.  Grace is the teacher here, a wise one at that.  Therefore, “talking during lessons” eliminates the lesson!  Thinking botches the lesson.  Action destroys the lesson.  All that is needed is a clear mind, an open heart, and an available ear.

Practicing Grace is a meditation, beyond meditation.  This is a true journey of going deeper within to learn what is true.

So, I have been listening, not writing, not posting.  Being still, and guiding my actions and mind from a centered place of heart.  The lesson inside the heart is not shocking.  Not profound.  It is what most of have already known, which is…Love is All that Matters.

But I must say, experiencing this realization, at this deeper level of intent brings this “understanding” to a whole new level of intensity.  For this reason, I will enjoy still…these next few days of my Grace practice to honestly, Listen Louder.  I know there is more to learn.

Much Love ~ Melinda


One response to “Listen Louder

  1. Lovely! Plus I can relate…in April I did this A to Z blog challenge and it was exhausting, but also not very satisfying in the sense that it didn’t always feel like I could write from the heart. I mean, what heartfelt meaning can I bring to words that start with X?? So now I am being quiet too…..Look forward to returning to postings like yours – from the heart.

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