Happiness Day of Celebration

Sunday, May 1…is a worldwide campaign to celebrate happiness. I think this is an awesome idea.  Simple ideas…like smile at everyone you meet, and practice random acts of kindness. I’M in!

Here is more information about the Day!

Welcome to Happiness Day!
A Day of Celebration of Life and spreading seeds of Happiness

Sunday May 1, 2011
All Day, Everywhere

Join us in a world wide Day of Happiness and help spread the seeds of joy and unity. Together we can raise the level of happiness in the world. One small act or deed sends ripples out into the world that will affect more people than we can ever imagine. It all starts with us. Join in and change the world.

You can participate in many ways, and yes, you can start now, but please make a special effort on May 1st.

* Make a vow of NO complaints for the whole day.

* Invite others to the event so as many people as possible are involved. 🙂

* Perform random acts of kindness. 🙂

* Smile at everyone you meet. 🙂

* Say kind things to people and brighten their day. 🙂

* Give as many hugs as possible! 🙂

Thank you for helping to make a happier world-

Laura Barrette Shannon
Be Happy Now: Simple Steps to Enjoying Life



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