Channeling Grace

Where is this “stuff” called Grace?  How do we find it?  It’s not available in stores, nor “As seen on TV” in an infomercial.  I’ve been writing about the concept of Grace for a week now, but this past weekend through a variety of meditations, and extraordinary experiences…I can happily say that Grace and I finally met each other for a short while.  However…now found, it will be easier each time I wish to meditate and incorporate this awesome state of Being into my awareness.

In short, Grace’s location is direct center of one’s heart.

The meditation that worked was a slow process.  Really a good 3 days of contemplating Grace, and then finding time for stillness over the long weekend.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally touched grace in a meditation of deeply centered breath, and visualizing some people I know through my heart.  A very different process of doing meditations only through mental images.

Through the heart meditation, everything faded away until all that existed was pure love.  In “there” abundant Grace existed, and the fun part was staying in this state of pure love with the person I was focusing on.  I went from friend to friend, to family member to family member…the “journey” of loving all these people, allowed me to feel the most amazing love for myself, and within myself.  A Deep. Profound. Experience…of Absolute Truth.

Just another lesson to show, that out of every freaking thing that our minds can create…the only truth to any of it, is Love.

Many Blessings ~ Melinda


One response to “Channeling Grace

  1. “the only truth to any of it, is Love.” Well said. I love experiences like this. Thank you for sharing!

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