Grace Happens

Hindu devotional literature” is replete with references to Grace (kripa) as the ultimate key required for spiritual self-realization. Some, such as the ancient sage Vasistha, in his classical work Yoga Vasistha, considered it to be the only way to transcend the bondage of lifetimes of karma.

One of the quotes from this work emphasizes the need to be able to straddle…or at least be aware of…two different realms of reality:

“The Mind, in its creative aspect, is called Brahma. It is also the Ego. The Mind serves as a veil which prevents us from recognizing ourselves as Brahman, prevents us from recognizing everyone else as Brahman, and prevents us from recognizing Brahman as the underlying reality of every thing we see, hear, sense, etc.

This veiling by the Mind is the root cause of sorrow.”

Grace Happens.  It is not outside of ourselves.  It is deeply embedded within.  Mindful meditations will help you find it.  Be aware that two different states of reality are constantly in progress, one however, will bring a constant state of Bliss.

During your meditations these next 38 Days try these “mental adjustments” before your practice time:

* Distinguish Brahman (the infinite) from Brahma (the creator/mind)

* Recognize that the development of dispassion is to take relationships, events, etc. beyond the limitations of the Mind/Senses to the unlimited Witness Consciousness.

Be patient.  Have faith.  It takes time to free the mind!  The journey we are on will take one from a mindset of hope, to belief, to Knowing.  These are the expansion steps for an unraveling mind!

In Peace ~ Melinda


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