Practicing Grace: A Certain Comedy for the Next 40-Days

Day 1 of the intention to practice Grace for the next 40-Days.  For anyone that knows me well…Grace and I go together like oil and water.  I am much better at language, writing, creating descriptive visual images, consoling others, and making others laugh.  But…Grace?  No way.  First let me stumble down a flight of stairs, and while I am at it…allow me to stick my foot in my mouth.

This will certainly be the largest and most profound “adjustment” ever attempted to incorporate something better than myself into my spiritual awareness and practice.

I do have many nice qualities as a human being I suppose, but too many times, even in my best intentions…I get into a whirl with my thoughts, ideas and inner ramblings, and there goes my mouth.  Talking too fast, thinking too fast, without mindfulness, without “editing.”   So to me, this Grace Period will force me to     s l o w   d o w n. Honor awareness. Be Present.  Afford others a smile, no matter what.  And to think with my heart…not with my head.

Again…the ones who know me are probably laughing out loud right about now.  Nothing comes out of Melinda’s mouth slowly and thoughtfully.  Words fly out of me like small tornadoes.

So, today…I am slowing down.  Breathing.  Listening.  And still regretting not taking these steps on Thursday when I tried to express myself in soulful manner, but made a “statement stampede” instead.

Practice makes perfect…and I look forward to sharing this huge undertaking with you over the next few weeks.

With much Blessing and in Peace ~ Melinda


2 responses to “Practicing Grace: A Certain Comedy for the Next 40-Days

  1. I love you. I think you are full of grace. This post is lovely. It inspires me to do the same, slow down, think, be, breathe…hell, I need to learn to chew my food instead of gulping. I will try to keep this in my head today, and hopefully tomorrow and the next day as well.

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