The First 40-Days

Today marks the end of the first 40-Days of this new 1008 day journey.  The focus on language was very rewarding, as I learned a lot practicing being mindful of the language in my mind, and more importantly…what came out of my mouth.

We discussed the importance of “I Am,”  we celebrated gladness with words of praise, speaking from our heart, the language of our dreams, finding inner peace, the language of Love, and even the powerful language of Prayer.

I believe we gained some insight these past few days, so let’s get ready for the next 40-Day “theme.”  I have already been guided to understand that working on Grace, will be a good idea for my next practice.  Yes, I always attempt to practice Loving-Kindness, but human me still behaves many times like a wild Bull in a china shop, so I am aware that a bit of Grace would balance me out even more.

This is a practice.  I will practice Grace.  We have all heard that practice makes perfect, and that is what these 40-Day “exercises” are about.  Over the past many years I have practiced Joy, Humility, Compassion, Generosity, Listening, Loving-Kindness, Silence, and many more virtues to deepen my spiritual being.

The next 40-Days begins on Sunday.  I always prefer to start a new cycle on Sundays, because I have all day to be in a state of meditation for beginning a new quest.

I do hope this past 40-Days of Language has been helpful and enjoyable.  I look forward to having anyone join me on this next short “trek” of Grace…or let me know what you will be working on.  We are all spiritual beings here to learn, and sharing our stories is part of the learning!

Many Blessings ~ Melinda


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