The Power of Mental Thought

Many of us just coming to realize our inner potential, “get it” but upon first comprehending this truth…I know that even I continue to Learn how “deep” this truth goes.

Yes, we have read about Buddha.  Most of us have seen the Secret.   We are all aware that Jesus was the Master Teacher.  We all practice meditation.  But how many of us truly comprehend the power of our unlimited ability to choose,  to dream, to create, and finally Master our perfect well-being???  We are not victims of circumstance.


We are Masters of our Wellness.

The simple key to this reality, is our language, which of course is produced from our thoughts.  So be mindful of your thoughts, but I tell you…what you VOICE puts your thoughts into action.  Choose every word carefully.  If you wish to understand the full impact of this, please refer to my recent post, “I Am.”

Re-training our thoughts to best create a language of wellness takes time.  It takes a conscious effort to be mindful of what you are thinking, and what you are saying.  This is why I practice new behaviors for 40 days, take a rest, and if I feel I need more practice…I happily sign up for another 40 days.

Over the course of my journey I have practiced everything from Joy, to Peace, to Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Grace…at the end of each 40 day cycle I have always been amazed with the results!

Now, today…take time to meditate on the wonderful powers and possibilities open to you. Your inner connection to Spirit will not fail you.  Meditate on the fact that you and your God connection contain infinite wisdom, and there is no mind in the Universe greater than the mind in you.

Speak Well~ Melinda


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