“I am…”

The phrase, “I am…” is a very powerful force. It puts into motion a vibration, which creates your reality.  Be mindful of the words that follow, “I am…” with the words you most desire to be true.

“I am happy,” is a good one!  You either bless or damn yourself with “I am” statements.  Most of us don’t even realize this.  “I am always struggling…or I am miserable…I am nothing” makes that a constant truth.

“I am an artist.”  “I am life abundant.”  “I am feeling Great.”  “I am a person who loves adventure.”  We are not used to saying nice things about ourselves…most of us were taught modesty, therefore, it feels unnatural to practice powerful language after our declarations of, “I AM.”

Being mindful of what comes out of our mouths is a simple tool of wellness to bring the life experience we most wish to have. When I first came to understand this, I learned to catch my “I am statements” to make sure I always completed the sentence with something positive.

This simple adjustment to your use of language will have profound results!  You get to choose who you are.

Me?  Today, “I am Joy.”  I certainly wish the same for you.

Many Blessings ~ Melinda


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