Day 22: Ultimate Reality

Just as no one has ever seen a star, only the vibration of light that has been streaming from it for thousands and thousands of years, no person has ever perceived God directly…except understanding of the Absolute that lives within each of us as an individual Being of Light.

Our individual Self is Awesome.  Perfect.  Complete.  Beautiful.  Majestic…and within lies an infinite amount of possibility to Love, Expand, and Grow.  To give and receive creates a magnet of equal equation in which the same quantity our personal  “essence” vibrates in.  The passion you put forth is returned, but to start this flow of well-being, we must use our Will, our consciousness to project our own light out into the world, among humanity…among Creation.

Inside each of us lies an undiscovered country of Absolute, which is inexhaustible, abundant, and powerful.  Stillness finds this.  The magnitude of ourselves is not found anywhere is but within. Meditation is key for finding this abundant source, yet so many people have trouble finding this “place” of pure Love and perfection.

Meditation is difficult because the untrained mind prefers to wander.   Nature walks help still the mind.  Gardening stills the mind.  And one of my favorite “practices” for newcomers learning to meditate…is coloring.  Yes…coloring with crayons on paper or in a one dollar cartoon book purchased at a store.  Some refer to this practice as mandala meditation, which might help an adult feel okay about spending an hour with crayons and markers in a process to still the mind.  : )

Enjoy your journey within today…however you get “there.”

With Love and Blessings ~ Melinda


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