The Work of Words

Friends, in my course of study of language and the use of one’s words, I was blessed yesterday to have one of those glorious “A ha moments.” I was blessed with a “flash” or a sudden insight of how Faith, Love and our use of Words function together to create the life we live.

In this flash, I suddenly understood that with this unique combination, there is never any need for fear, sadness, feelings of lack, or uncertainty. Ever!  I have always known that all the Universe exists of is pure Love…but now…this understanding is Deeper, and acknowledged in a way of profound Knowing.

The words we choose to express ourselves with are key. We can practice Faith, and believe in Love all day long…but using words to only express and highlight this understanding either make that your true reality, or instead…blocks this perfect Wellness, and this amazing unconditional “energy of Love” away.

With this understanding, and still a good 20 days remaining in my intended 40 Day period to practice good language, I hold in my mind and heart a deep gratitude for my life. With this understanding, I choose to express myself only in the best ways.

Therefore today and everyday, I know that I am blessed because I Bless. I have friends, because I am one. My body and my mind honor the dwelling of my spirit…and only harmony exists here. I have wellness because I only believe in wellness. I have joy, because I only express Joy.

Life, Love, Wisdom and Wellness are ours for the asking. Simply only use words which speak of these things, and anything else will fall away because only Life, Love, Wisdom and Wellness will exist in your mind.

With this combined understanding…Life just got much, much Bigger!

Namaste’ ~ Melinda


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