Day 16: Dancing in Rain Puddles

The first full day of Spring after the Equinox, and we are greeted with rain.  As I recall…Upstate New York had the very same conditions last year on the very same day. I love the rain however, so this is good news to me.

Days such as this are for sporting your very favorite pair of galoshes, or rain boots…and hopefully you will allow yourself to purposely hop into a few rain puddles.  This sort of “dance” with Nature is a blessed event for all elements of you…the mind, the body, but mostly the spirit.  One might go as far to say that I have a love affair with awesome boots, and plenty of puddles.  ; )

Make big splashes, little splashes, swirl the water with your boots.  I also recommend jumping into a few mud puddles as well, just to see how dirty you can get those boots.  It all washes away in the very next dance in the rain puddle.

If you don’t have an awesome pair of Rain Boots…please go on a mission to acquire a pair.  Spring has just begun, and rain dances, mud puddles are here for your enjoyment.  Expand.  Grow…and most of all…Play!

Joyfully ~ Melinda


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