Day 15: The First Day of Spring

I love this day more than Christmas.  To me, Light means everything…and today for the first time in many, many months we get as much daylight as we do darkness.  Tomorrow,  and until September 20th, we have more daylight than not.  Light motives me.  Empowers me, opens my eyes, and expands me.  It does metaphorically, and for this soul…quite literally.

Today is also Sunday, my favorite day of the week…which currently begins with early yoga, followed by a nature hike with my best four-legged companion, Chinook. She was a Katrina rescue who came along several years ago, but I promise you that she rescued me as much as I offered her a home. In short…my hikes with Nature and Chinook are always the best part of my day, and Sundays always bring the best hikes of the week.  Sigh…plenty of time. No deadlines.  No rushing.  Just time for All There Is.  Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

However, being the first day of Spring…we promptly had to go to a park with a swing set, so I could put my 47 year old rump into a swing.  It is my annual ritual.  Other adults always seem to stare, but kids think nothing of it. ( I believe kids wonder why adults don’t spend more time playing.)  After all…it is perfectly natural, especially on the first day of Spring!!!

So, I did find the swing, and the “game” is to go as high as possible…so when my legs are stuck out, and the swing is high, it is as if my feet are touching the sky.  It’s my way of connecting with Heaven I suppose on my very, very favorite day.  Plus, the rush of the air all around my face, and thrill of getting higher, and higher…takes me back to childhood…days when we were not afraid of anything.  Days when we were content to just simple Be.

I highly recommend finding a swing of your own this week, welcome in this new season of growth, and touch the sky.  It opens the Spirit up in the most remarkable way.

In Blessing~ Melinda


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