Day 13: Meditation for Inner Peace

I breath in, and enter a quiet place.  I am now resting in the presence of Spirit. The world is shut out. I am content, in peace, in the temple of my soul. I am in touch with All There Is.  I am drawing from the springs of life, of peace, and of plenty.

I rest in peace that Divine renews my strength. My mind is open to peace…to wellness. Resting in this presence of Divine I am unafraid and undisturbed. No unrest can reach me here. Nothing negative matters, for it has no real power, and I am not afraid.  I only see peace, truth and beauty. Now everything seems open to me, clear, and full of blessing. I trust in the restorative power of Spirit. I have faith in God, and I feel satisfied.  Pure.  Well.  And I now give thanks for this perfect state of Wellness. Om.


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