Day 12: The Voice Inside a Prayer

The power of prayer.  I sigh and smile to myself when I take time to think about how powerful and rewarding prayer is as an necessary part of language. Prayer is helpful in all forms, short, sweet, long, well constructed, passionate.  In gratitude, in despair, in Praise, in song…whatever the prayer’s intention, it is certain to be powerful.

I pray often.  Anywhere from 3 to 12 times a day.  Yesterday, I made no posts because I could not free myself from the mode of prayer and reflection for the current conditions in Japan.  And while being in “that place” of prayer, I realized that I do enjoy participating with God in this way, and that my prayers take many forms…all of which are honored.

I think many people are afraid to pray because they feel like they may not be doing it right.  Or they do not know how to make a good prayer.  I can tell you, that most of my prayers are shuddering sentences of cloudy thought…sometimes ramblings of sheer confusion.  Nothing “pretty” about most of my prayers…but I talk a lot, and I am quite sure God is aware of this, and enjoys my prayers anyway.  ; )

I enjoy the dialogue. I talk to God as my best friend.  This companionship with”Spirit” is many things.  Sometimes holy, sometimes silly, sometimes profound, sometimes still, and sometimes…it just IS.   I talk to Spirit in the good times, the bad times, or sometimes just to say, “hi…and by the way, thanks for a great day.”  Simple.  I may pray for inspiration, or wisdom, grace, or to expand my capacity and understanding of compassion and loving-kindness.

However, this past week, and still, I have a very heavy heart.  The conditions in Japan have humbled me, and the Grace from the people of this nation have me in awe.  In sadness, I pray for Japan.  From passion, I pray for Japan.  From humility, I pray for Japan.

The point is, I encourage prayer. Create a dialogue, a friendship with Spirit.  Use the language of your heart to open up this channel of communication with God, with Spirit, the Universe…whatever image of Divine, you feel the most comfortable talking with.  To me, it is the best way to practice Peace, and Understanding.

Many Blessings on this Day ~ Melinda


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