Day 9: River of Joy

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving inside you, a joy.  When action comes from elsewhere, this feeling vanishes.” ~ Rumi

Let this year be about following your passion.  We are several weeks into a new year, but you can make any day your personal new year.  For example, the Spring Equinox is next Sunday…you can create a new beginning then, as the Universe will be in abundance with fertile soil.

Spring also marks a time to perhaps look at the goals you made at the New Year, and now you will have an opportunity to re-set your compass.  Be sure to see the joy in your passions, your goals, and create your “passion plan” from that place.

If you are uncertain of your goals, this will be a good week for meditation and centering.  Go within and ask to be guided toward your highest awareness.   Also, realize that uncertainty means stepping into the Unknown…as this is the place of infinite possibility.

Become “friends” with that inner voice that knows very well what you want and need.

Happy Reflections~ Melinda


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