Day 8: You are a Gift

Spiritually aware and evolved people are gentle, humble souls.  They are generous, helpful, friendly and compassionate.  Many of us early on in our spiritual journey are however, too humble, and still wearing a cloak of self-doubt, wondering who we are, and how we can be of service to humanity.  But in fact, you who are so loving and full of light have much to offer the world. Pay attention to your higher nature, and your lower self that operates from the little voices within creating the self-doubt will wither away.

Do not pay attention to those little voices that would have you think that you are less than great!

The basic nobility of your soul is seeking self-expression through you…for you are a gift to the world. Realize however, there is a fine line between egotistical and humble. Do you brag about yourself, or go around telling others that you did something great, or that you helped someone?  These actions tell the subconscious that you have done something unusual.  For your higher self to evolve, take such actions in stride…as these gifts that you offer others are in fact normal…something that the higher You always does.

What you focus on expands!  Simply focus on your devotion to others, and this basic nature of yours will begin to shine on its own. It will become who you already are.


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