Day 5 of 1008: Baby Steps into a New Journey

Five days into my new journey, I can see that am looking forward to enjoying “language”conversations now for the next 35 days. I would also love to hear from you, how you handle inner dialogue with Self, and hope we can have discussions here on this page.   I see Indigo Roads as a virtual “spiritual pathway” where we can all discuss what is going on within our personal adventures of growth.

I can tell you that I am already very excited.  The 40-day break I took in-between these 1008 Day Journeys seemed like a good idea, but instead, I found my mind wandering, and that I lacked both focus and clarity.  Great to be “back” and already I have noticed a monumental change in my outlook since I have decided that for the first 40 days of this new journey, I will be mindful of my language.

This includes inner dialogue, and of course being mindful of what comes out of my mouth.  Many of us well situated into our spiritual journeys understand the important combination of how thought becomes action, and action creates our living reality…therefore making the starting point, our inner dialogue the most important aspect of “Self.”

The fun part of being mindful of these thoughts, is when I notice that a stressful thought, or hurried thought races through my mind, I am now more aware of these, and I can kindly laugh at them, and excuse them politely, by then saying to myself, “No thank you.  I do not accept this thought.  I choose a better one.”

I am also interested in exploring language of all types to include, music, body language, the language of love and more!  40 days may not be enough!

In Light and Love ~ Melinda


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