Nothing Equals Something

Today is Ash Wednesday, or the first day of Lent…a religious holiday that most Christian traditions recognize.  This tradition honors the 40 days Jesus fasted and meditated alone in the desert, during which time he was tempted by “the Devil” three times, and did not falter from his beliefs and wisdom.

Christians celebrate Lent, and are asked to give up something that is “tempting” to them for this 40 day period prior to Easter.  Most of us give up chocolate, ice cream, or some other similar indulgence.  But is it these material things that really tempt us?  And by giving up chocolate, are we spiritually wiser, or more enlightened in any way?

I enjoy Lent as a time period to give up tempting behaviors such as gossiping, or using poor language in effort to make myself feel better in times of struggle.   Or, in the past…I have used the 40 days to cast out certain thought patterns, which I know separate me from knowing the best part of myself.

This next 40-days…and the beginning of this awesome spiritual journey I vow to be mindful of my language. Our words speak our mind…our truth.  I know from the experience of my last 1008-Day spiritual adventure, that practicing a new behavior or mindset for 40 days can bring about magnificent change in one’s Being.

Language is very important.  We create our lives with the language we use.  I have seen good use of my language bring about great reward, and I know that using any words that are not of Love, or wellness, only bring about pain, discomfort, misunderstanding, and feelings of misery not only for myself, but for others as well.  For example, if I were to choose to complain about certain areas of my life to a close friend, I would have just inflicted my friend with a verbal wall of “poison.”  Now my friend has to process the sadness, or burden I was attempting to describe, and now they feel heavy.

For the next 40 days, I choose to only speak words of cheer, of gladness, of well-being of life and Love, and I look forward to seeing what life looks like at the end of these 40 days.  I believe that “nothing” will equal “something” substantial by eliminating poor language from my inner and outer dialogue.

Eliminating worldly behaviors that are often considered “acceptable” and replacing them with a higher virtue…raises one’s vibration.  You will change.  And, it will be noticeable from the inside out.

I hope you give yourself a good spiritual challenge this Lenten season.  The 40-days offers an opportunity for monumental change.

Be inspired.  Love. Live. Grow!

In Love and Light~ Melinda


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