Life is Good!!!

People around the world are celebrating Fat Tuesday today. This celebration is to enjoy abundance, and the overflows of life, before tomorrow, Lent…a Catholic ritual of abstaining from a vice or temptation for the 40 days prior to Easter. I will discuss the latter tomorrow…so for today…what joys and overflows are you celebrating?

Today’s celebration goes beyond simple gratitude. Today calls for Grand Celebration!!!! So I hope everyone is wearing their dancing shoes, and big smiles on their faces. Life is good! Go celebrate!

Celebrating the abundance of wellness is a ritual that has won several holidays, such as today, and Thanksgiving…but taking time to notice your abundance and celebrating it can be a rewarding ritual to bring into your life on a more regular basis.  For example, inviting friends over for dinner or a grand feast, or treating yourself to an afternoon at the spa.

I do hope that today is not one that is so busy, that you don’t take time to celebrate in some profound way.  Make it special…something you will remember for the rest of the year!  At the very least, play a festive song tonight when you get home and dance wildly about the room.  I guarantee that you will remember that “jig” for the rest of the year.

Salute’ ~ Melinda


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