The Cycle of Life

The cycle of Life always amazes me. Yesterday was Day 1 of this next venture I have vowed to complete…Part 2 of the 1008-Day Spiritual Journey. So as this adventure begins for me, a different life comes to an end. Both symbolically, for my higher self is leaving behind certain aspects of self (mostly continued wrestling matches with doubt and limited thinking) to gain new ones…
but a dear friend of mine, a 15 year old cat has ended her journey today. Blessings to beautiful Brenna. You were a simple, graceful soul.

Life is truly precious!  Every moment counts…even the simple ones where you may take notice that all is well within the simplicity of Being and allowing all other forms of life to simply Be.  This requires practice of no judgment.  That is to not judge a moment or day as too rainy, too cold, too long, not long enough…every moment is perfect.

I find it important to celebrate life…every moment of it.

In blessings on this gorgeous day~ Melinda


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