Choose Joy

You can grow with joy rather than struggle. If you believe that growth comes from struggle, you will subconsciously create crises by which to grow by. Some people believe that when things come too easy, that those gifts are not real. With doubt and superstition, they will create “blocks,” which otherwise had no reason to exist.

Many of us are brought up to believe that with hard work, things will pay off. A more accurate belief would be to realize that persistent focus on a desired outcome, or personal goal…with unwavering determination brings great reward, but this does not have to been hard work. This does not have to be difficult. You choose…do you want the steps toward your goal to be joyful? Or difficult? Do you feel like you learn best from pain, or setback?

I can tell you, that when your goals and desired outcomes come easily, this is the message that you have aligned yourself perfectly to your higher self, as now your life has a joyful, perfect flow.

Choose joy, and allow life to be exciting and fulfilling!

In peace~ Melinda


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