Art Alive: Tools for a 1008-Day Journey: The Palette

Art on a canvas is separate from the artist who created the painting. An artist uses a multi-dimensional imagination to paint an image onto a two dimensional surface.

In contrast, being the Artist of our lives, each of us as individuals are the canvas, we are the image on the canvas, we are the brushes and paint, and we are the conscious Creator.

We create within our own creation, therefore…our working palette is actually our beliefs, thoughts and emotions we perceive as reality. We are living art.

Ironically, many of us complain about the “picture” all the time. We easily find fault with ourselves, our homes, our wellness, our relationships, our stress, our schedules…the list is endless. But the beautiful truth about life is that we can change the picture any time we want to.

Often this only simply requires a change in tools, aka: your belief system. If you don’t like the way you as Living Art looks, then change your ideas, beliefs, superstitions to be ones, which will support the end illustration of the You that YOU want to see.

So, let’s get some glitter, paint, fresh brushes, and some good Light to start this project with. The next 1008-Day Journey begins on Sunday.


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