Mind those Thoughts

I had the pleasure this morning of waking up in stillness…just in time to see the Gloaming, dawn, and then sunrise.  I do this often, but today I was able to enjoy a deepened appreciation for this miracle that occurs every 24 hours or so…a NEW day.  I gave thanks for it, and thanks for my understanding of what an enormous gift it was.  I sat in utter silence and truly felt blessed.

Moments later, I had the memory that I did not always have such joyous mornings.  I once was a person who hated mornings, and slept as late as I could before having to rush around to get ready for work, and the day that I was certain was going to be one full of burden, deadlines, compromises and scattered activities that were not my idea of fun.  Then I realized the difference between then and now, is how I now start my day with a ritual that surrounds me with perfect wellness before I give myself to the world for the day.

The simplicity of this, is really the thoughts I allow myself to have in the morning.  By rising early, I take time to nourish myself spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  Instead of seeing all the tasks at hand as mountains or burdens, I ask myself, “What am I most excited about today?   What are the possibilities in store for me today?”  Luckily, I can always find something to be excited about!

In short, I “dress” myself every morning with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and then excitement before I take any shower, or clothe myself in material garments for the day.

Those moments with just “me,” sunrise, and a cup of coffee have the power to make the day INCREDIBLE.  On mornings that I decide to just go ahead and get started, I notice that the best part of me is absent all day long.  I basically gave “it/me” away by NOT honoring that time with Self.

If your mornings are hectic, and your days long…I highly recommend making a slight adjustment to your morning routine.  Starting my days in such a way, began to create a pattern in which I could see greatness in every moment of the day, no matter how tired, or busy I was.

Take time to celebrate You every morning, and see then if the rest of the day “celebrates” with you.

Many Blessings ~  Melinda


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