Mastering the Void

This is a topic I will visit again and again, because the fear of the Void is what holds most people back from taking giant leaps forward to being the fulfilled person they so wish to be.

Creating change is a lot of work. And making change from the inside out, is the most difficult of all. Many of us, when we want to feel better about ourselves we go out for a new haircut, or to buy a new outfit. Of course there is nothing wrong with looking good and feeling good either! ; ) But real change comes from within, and that is indeed a scary place to go.

When one declares with a passion, that they are ready for their spiritual journey…it comes. It comes, and at first, it may be more than you bargained for. Things begin to change. The first of these is often relationships. Once you get even just a glimpse of a more “awakened” You, or have a deeper sense of self, relationships that may have served in the past, may no longer fit, or feel good. Or, you may realize that you have to “stay asleep” for the relationship to work.

This could be friendships, work relationships, or romantic involvements. Some of these may begin to slip away, before new ones arrive, or before the old status quo relationship has a chance to improve.

This time period, of the old being gone, and the new not yet having arrived is known as the Void. And if you are not sure how to deal with this time period, it may be so scary, or so isolating, that you may choose to not further explore what really lies within you.

There are many ways to master the Void, but the key is to have Faith. Have Faith that the relationships that are slipping away, are only making rooms for perfect ones to come in. Or that, the old elements of the relationship are fading, so new possibilities can emerge within it.

The Void is a segment of the “Rabbit Hole” in which you get to choose new realities for yourself, and this process may take some time. My first visit to the Void took 18 months. Afterward, every time I chose to deepen my spiritual journey and expand, I could work through a Void in as little as 6 weeks…40 days.

Make this time a magical period of meeting parts of yourself for the first time, and expect to be surprised. Spirit has a remarkable way of working if you allow It to be part of this Creative time period.


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