Tools Needed for a 1008-Day Journey: Part One: The Compass

In preparation for beginning a spiritual journey of any length, or to add dimension to a current journey, I think it is wise to first find your “compass.” It’s easy, and fun…so let’s have a quick trip into the Rabbit Hole!

Dreaming is Believing. So dream BIG.

You are making changes in your life because you feel something to be lacking, or perhaps there is a constant “stir” inside of you. Something is calling, and you are not sure what it is exactly. This calls for times of quiet, and reflective meditation to go within and even say out loud to yourself, “What do you REALLY want?”

I prefer walking meditations, so I am outdoors a lot. Nature and I have a blessed relationship, and I personally Center there the best. Allowing my mind to wander on the question of what do I really want, I begin to Dream. All sorts of scenarios. “What if’s” per se. It may take days or weeks, to visually “see” what I wish my desired outcome or goal to be. I recognize the truth to this “vision” once I am filled with so much joy, and happiness, and to the point that I can actually FEEL it happening. As if, this goal, being a spiritual goal, work goal, relationship goal…has already happened. Once satisfied with the vision, and feeling that accompanies it…

I say to myself, “Now how can I make this BIGGER??”

I will re-work my desired outcome during the next few days or weeks, and re-play this vision over and over again…I master this until I reach a point, of this outcome feeling like reality. I can feel it, taste it, see it and hear it. Meanwhile…time in the Rabbit Hole or “fantasy land” on these thoughts is producing such inner joy, that I feel I could bust, hop, run, skip, sing…I grab hold of that. Take hold of that vision, and that emotion that comes with it.

THAT IS YOUR COMPASS for the journey. This is very important, so I will say it again!!!


This is you. Your higher self. Your creative self…capable of a Master Plan for achieving your goals.


This is where life comes in. There will be days in which you are tired, and may think to yourself, “This is too hard.” There will be days in which you work towards you goal, and friends feeling that they are looking out for your best interest, will offer advice to give up…to choose something else that does not take so long to achieve. This is their fears…NOT YOURS.

Most people are afraid to dream, and if they do, they may think it is a fun dream, but would never take steps towards achieving it. Therefore, these mindsets are considered the “norm,” because it is what most people do. Most people will satisfy themselves inside mediocrity, because it provides contentment, and it is easier.

So Part One of this journey is to DREAM. BELIEVE. Make it BIGGER, and hang onto the beautiful, shiny compass you created. It is the true light of your path, and the perfect map.

Okay…off to your Rabbit Hole!!! Don’t forget to smile while you are dreaming!

Many Blessings~ Melinda


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