Where to Focus?

The way to cure the ills, and wants, and stresses of Life, is to forget them and in their place set the Mind on the beautiful, the good, the true. Honor your potential for perfect happiness, and stay in tune with your voice of Wisdom inside, which will always bring you to your highest Good.

Heaven is a state of Mind. Our environment is our our own making, and we can move into scenes and circumstances that fit our mental outlooks the moment we arrive at the consciousness that will draw us to our desired well-being on on levels.

The *secret* then of correct living is not found in the study of negative tendencies of sadness, despair, sickness, or woes, but instead on the positive or divine life of Love and Wisdom. Harmony has never heard of discord, because there is none in the presence of perfect Wisdom.

If you feel sick, focus on wellness. If you feel depressed or sad, change your thoughts and activities to ones of joy. If you want peace, then Be that peace you seek. The wisdom of God is perfect, we just have to “change” the channel of thought to allow this perfect state of Being to exist within us fully.

Sending many Blessings~Melinda


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