Faith is Believing

The more boldly you sail your sea of Faith, the more certain you are of success. Carry forward with your goals as IF THEY HAVE ALREADY OCCURRED. With a sense of No Doubt. Your faith is “knowing” that your preferred outcome has already been achieved. Believe, believe, believe, and live out your faith in all that you do. Set your compass for your desire, and believe. Do not falter. We are co-Creators of our amazing Life, capable of extraordinary feats.

When deep shadows of doubt surround you, remember that you can say to yourself that you, “do not accept these thoughts.” Re-align yourself with your highest intention because such faith offers greater value to the soul and body as opposed to surrendering so self doubt, or doubt brought in from others. God’s Will is your will…or…something even better. Most people give up or change course when outcomes begin to look “unlikely.”

Set your compass, and sail your sea of Faith. The journey will be incredible!

Blessings to you on this perfect Day~


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